Thursday, February 21, 2008

A work- and chore-filled day, which I really resented because it meant I didn't have time to go out and walk in the snow; it was only an inch and will be gone tomorrow. To compensate myself, tonight I took out my photos of last February's brilliant snowstorm and made this 6x9 10-minute sketch. I like the fence and its shadow and the sky; the trees on the right and the slope on the right are too prominent, I think. It's my first horse picture ... yes, those are horses! Or sheep or large dogs, if you prefer.

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LeperColony said...

Very nicely done. Of course, I know nothing about art in general or watercolors specifically, but uninformed though it may be, my opinion stands.

Suzanne said...

Wow! This is great. Go look at some Franz Marc horses or Ernest H. Shepard's Eeyore and then love the ones you've made. Re: trees and slope - too prominent for...? The photo you used? We can't see that - this painting is a thing unto itself. I like it!

Sara Mathewson said...

This is beautiful! You did a great job with the shadows. And the horses do look like horses. I should know, I used to own several. And the snow with the horses brings me back to when I had a hobby farm with horses.

laura said...

"Too prominent for ..."--that's a good question, Suzanne. I love Marc's horse: powerful and ethereal at the same time.
Thanks, Sara. I'm glad I triggered those good memories. I was on a horse once, when I was about 10; sometimes think I'd like to try it again.


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