Saturday, February 16, 2008

to come ...

Didn't make it to my Friday still life group this week, but next week when I return I'm going to go back to this still life that I started a year ago; the close-up shows what I did last year, the full size what I have yet to do! It's such an elaborate drawing, maybe too much so as I now find it intimidating, but I think in a 4-hour class I can concentrate and make some progress. We shall see.

And here is a Cape May scene I drew last summer and abandoned, then picked up and started painting a few weeks ago. Last night I added a bit more, starting on the sycamore tree, which I think I have to really work on--it and it's foliage, which should fill the top of the painting, were what attracted me to the scene, and I don't think I can or should go any further with the house before seeing how the tree comes out.
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Mineke Reinders said...

My goodness, Laura, you are so productive! The tulips are wonderful, so full of color and joy. I like the leaves as they are, in a supporting role as it were. Your large still life is looking good already - great bones, I look forward to seeing the finished painting (in good time, of course). Cape May looks great, too. I agree, I'd finish the foliage first: you can be more free and loose with it if you don't already have everything else filled in.
Good luck and have fun with it all!

laura said...

Yesterday was an unusually productive day; I spent most of the day painting and playing with my paints while watching old movies on AMC! It was great--playing hooky from everything but art!


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