Monday, February 11, 2008

Some days subjects to paint suggest themselves everywhere you look; those seem to make the best paintings, e.g., my Super Tuesday painting subject just sprung itself on me. Other days, like today, I feel stumped ... So I went to a couple of photos I took yesterday while walking the dog.
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Tracy Wandling said...

Lovely, and lovely. And I really appreciate that you make your pics show up nice and big so we can see how they're put together. I like your loose, washy style.

Bill Evertson said...

Laura - I discovered your blog when you posted to Sarah Elizabeths blog. Your work is breath taking. I think I will put it in favorites a return when I have time to explore all the older posts. You write very well about the art; which is a difficult task at best. Thanks, Bill

laura said...

Thanks, Tracy. I'm trying to keep my landscapes as loose as I can stand, hoping the paints themselves will help me along by running and blending in interesting ways. I still can't let go so much in still lifes ... though I have finally gotten over thinking it's a "mistake" if one color bleeds into another!
Hi Bill. Thanks for commenting--I believe person to ever mention my writing! I started the blog as a conversation with my bff Robin and wrote with her in mind; now that other people are visiting (yay!), I'm struggling a bit with who my audience is and what I should say! Somedays I have nothing! I'm really just making an effort not to be overly self-critical.

laura said...

oops, Bill, of course I meant to write: I believe "you're the first" person to ever mention my writing!

Vedran Agovic said...

thats amazing

RHCarpenter said...

These are both gorgeous landscapes, Laura! Your work is always loose, fresh and you maintain your whites very well - admirable!


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