Friday, February 01, 2008

friday's child

Here's today's effort. I wanted it to be a companion to last Friday's, but didn't realize till I was well into it that the red napkin cut the space in half, and it's just too dominant--color, pattern ... Below I've laid some strips of white paper on the painting to get a better idea of what to do next time!
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Parapluie said...

I was just blown away by the second one with the white paper covering parts. Good for you for leaving the first alone and planning another.

laura said...

Thanks, Diane! I usually avoid printed fabrics, but for the last few weeks have been attacking them perhaps overambitiously!
I had to laugh: tearing and reassembling bits of paper is how I used to construct my papers in college!

Tracy Wandling said...

Well, being compositionally challenged myself, I would never have seen anything wrong with the first one. But then BLAM! There it is with bits of paper covering parts of that beautiful cloth...just gorgeous!!

Mineke Reinders said...

I'm late in reacting and my brain is asleep by now, but just want to say I love this, especially the version with the torn paper over it. Perhaps you could turn it into a collage? I love the light & delicate flowers (in both) and the cast shadow is just perfect! Love your colors, as always.

laura said...

Thanks, Tracy. But, having seen your sticks and stones series, you definitely are not compositionally challenged! :-)
And thank you, Mineke, for taking the time to comment. The collage idea is interesting; I've never done one. If I can think of a way to do one without further losing/overpowering the delicacy of the flowers, I'll do it!

Tracy Wandling said...

Oh I like the idea of a collage! I've seen such beautiful stuff done with textured paper...Masa I think it was called. But truthfully, I also like it just as it is. I like the contrast of the bright material and the delicate flowers.


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