Monday, February 18, 2008

Painted these tulips yesterday, late afternoon into evening, watching The Sting on TV and nursemaiding Itchy, below, who hurt his back again. (We're off to the vet this a.m.)
Didn't notice until I photographed the tulips the "emptiness" in the center of the picture! It may be possible to add a tulip there. I think later I'll paint a tulip on a separate piece of paper and hold it in various places to see if it'd be worth attempting.


And I want to thank Doudy ( for his very nice comments on my blog when he tagged me. In return, let me say how much I enjoy his blog. Doudy is a self-described beginner at watercolor, one who has a terrific sense of composition and drawing skills, and who has a gift for finding and exploring all the great art blogs out there. He's very generous and open in sharing his learning process and it really is a wonderful vicarious thrill to follow his quest.

Being tagged means I have to write 5 things about myself and then recommend 5 other bloggers. I was lucky enough to be tagged by Suzanne (, who has several blogs where she posts her beautiful watercolors and other thoughts and inspirations, a while back--because Suzanne's blog is so popular that tag started bringing other people to my blog, which has, of course, made the experience of blogging less like navel-gazing and more like something productive!
I had a hard time coming up with 5 things then ... maybe it'll be easier this time; though I think the really important thing is that I tag or find other bloggers! Results of my search to come!
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Lori McNamara said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your watercolors, the florals are super. I like the dog too, I hope Itchy will be better. I think another tulip would help this one, get rid of the hole. Other than that it looks fine.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for mentioning me! Doudy's blog is lots of fun.

Before I read your text, I thought - I love the way you handled interior leaves of these tulips. Nothing wrong with space.

And am so pleased to meet itchy. I hope that the trip to the vet was successful and that his back is all right,

laura said...

Itchy is on the mend; he's technically "geriatric" now and, along with his cataracts, is prone to backaches from overdoing: he doesn't know he's geriatric, lucky dog.
Haven't tried out whether I'll add another tulip or not; one concern would be how well the transparent reds would "cover" the greens, even though they're light, it might not look so fresh as I would like. Perhaps if I just floated some warm colors into the greens ... Something to think about.

Mineke Reinders said...

Well, I love the leaves! And you're right about the problem of red over green. This is a lovely, fresh painting.

Glad to hear Itchy is feeling a bit better. We should all grow old without ever feeling "geriatric"...

Bill Evertson said...

Stop while you're ahead. I agree with Mineke and your own instinct about the red over green. If you're not satisfied start another but don't second guess and chance messing this one up. Said my piece; now I think I should skip digital art for a week or so and practice my sumi-e. to remind myself how hard this waterborn art really is before I'm tempted to comment again. Love your blog.

doudy said...

Thank you laura for these wonderful words about me, I think you are a great artist, its an honour for me to follow your works.

By the way I like this composition the way it is actually, the empty space in the center is rather drawing attention towards the extremeties.... great flowers anyway.....

Oh and thanks for participating in the tag...appreciate it :)

Melanie said...

Hi Laura! so happy you found my blog, so that I could find yours - it is delightful and I really love your watercolors.. the color on these tulips is divine.
so happy to 'meet' you!!

laura said...

Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful, diverse comments on this post. There's a lot of not just good advice on this painting, but good advice, period! I'm very appreciative of your thoughtfulness!


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