Friday, November 16, 2007

next ...

A final, for now, try at the trees, with snow this time.
Next: a dune in snow. The top one was loosely drawn first; the bottom one, where the distant trees are already muddy looking!--I went back in too many times already, trying to get that warm, dark gray--wasn't.
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robin said...

jesus, I love those blue trees!. How did you get the snow flakes so white and irridescent? Can I pursuade you to let me buy it?

laura said...

hi Robin--thanks for the enthusiastic response! :-) The snowflakes were made by "spattering" with "bleed-proof white," which is a sort of Wite-out for painting; very opaque. I left some spatters untouched but pushed around others, which added a bit of vibrance to the blue.
Consider it a Christmas present ... I'll send it next time I'm at the PO


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