Friday, November 30, 2007

back at it ...

A little (1/16th of a sheet, 5.5x7) sketch done from my Pa. snowstorm photos. I was trying to concentrate on more neutral shades in the distant foliage; and unintentionally got a nice halo-like bleed around the larger trees on the right--probably couldn't re-create it if I tried!
This study has too much "blank" space to me--not enough tension I guess between what's there and the negative space ... Perhaps if the road was not so steep. And I think I made the line of grass in the middle ground too straight! It is straight in the photo, but that's no excuse. May try this again, but, as a subject, it doesn't seems so promising to me ...
And anyway I have a bagful of pinecones that I want to start trying to draw and paint!
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