Saturday, February 03, 2007


Mike: Per your request--larger pictures!
1/17/07 was the first session of this winter's life drawing class at Wayne with Bonnie. I got there late (!) and so missed the model's name ...
It was a bit intimidating and frustrating, having missed nearly all of the fall semester.
Trying to remind myself it's the process, not the product.
A good-sized group this session, and good painters too.
Bonnie has asked us to bring in paintings we're working on to critique during the model's breaks. I think it's a great idea and look forward to seeing people's work and also, I hope, honing my critical skills.
Of this day's paintings, my favorite is the middle figure on the 2nd sheet ... I think I like how some of the forms are "open"--there's no line or shape separating them form the background ... Have to try to do that on purpose!
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