Monday, September 18, 2006

marge's september workshop

Here are the two paintings I completed in Marge's workshop this weekend. The first, on the left, done on Saturday, is of the back of the Chalfonte hotel ... this hotel makes a good subject from any angle, and is especially challenging to draw because it droops and sags in so many places. It's also one of the few buildings left in CM that's still white! On the right, is Sunday morning's effort, painted in the shade of Henry's on the beach, a lovely spot so lovely to paint in I wondered why I didn't do it more often. In the afternoon on Sunday, our last day, I only managed to finish my sketch, of a house on Columbia with a beautiful sycamore tree, and never got to painting. Workshoppers were peeling off all afternoon to beat the Sunday traffic, seriously hampering the momentum of the class. A quick, ice-cold Yuengling in the Prince Edward room ended the seminar for me: perfect.

This is a nearly-finished painting from the last day of Marge's summer workshop. It's a house on Hughes Street ... The day before I had pored through my E. Hopper books hoping to absorb something that I could transmit to my painting. And, while the perspective is a bit off and there, I do think the uncharacteristically muted palette I used here may be thanks to Hopper. Posted by Picasa


robin said...

I can't begin to tell you how much pleasure looking at these painting give me. The place so dear in heart, and your handling and representation of it so lucid- true to feeling, poignant but without the distortion of sentimentality.

laura said...

thanks, robin ... you're a generous critic and a true friend! your comment gives me another housewarming gift idea :-)